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Sale Agreements from our law firm

A good sale agreement is the best way to avoid disputes between the seller and the buyer.

A good sale agreement is written and unambiguous, and its parties understand all the details of the agreement in the same way. This is how disputes between the seller and the buyer are most likely avoided. Unexpected risks and expenses affecting the company's business, such as contractual penalties, damages, dispute resolution, and possible legal costs, can also be managed with a professionally drafted sale agreement.

The sale agreement must at least agree on:

  • The subject of the sale unequivocally
  • Delivery time and method
  • Duties of the seller and the buyer
  • Price and payment terms

Ready-made sale agreement templates can rarely meet the contractual needs of a company because the terms are not tailored specifically for the needs of those parties. Therefore, they can cause ambiguities and unexpected consequences. For this reason, we recommend that our lawyers draft your company's sale agreement.

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