Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Our Lawyers Assist you in Various Dispute Situations

Often disputes can be resolved even before going to court.

Dispute situations often arise from contractual disagreements. Disputes based on contracts may relate to the interpretation of the contract, its breach, or whether a contract was even formed. Typically, at this stage, the contracting parties disagree on almost everything.

You can entrust us with your case also in non-contractual disputes, claims for damages, or employment-related disputes.

There are many ways to reach a settlement instead of going to court, which are generally faster, more cost-effective, and more sensible. We have extensive expertise in settlement negotiations, settlement agreements, and other similar solutions.

Sometimes, however, a settlement cannot be achieved through traditional dispute resolution methods, but the earlier our lawyers are involved in resolving the situation, the more efficiently it is generally handled.

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Our lawyers have extensive experience in acting in court in civil, criminal, and administrative matters. They also assess when it is not advisable for the client to take the case to court, as the losing party typically has to cover the legal costs of both parties.

Our lawyers represent the client's case if it needs to be resolved through legal proceedings. They support and ensure the client's legal protection throughout the process efficiently, with the necessary delicacy if required.

Contact us when you need representation in court or other dispute resolution. First, we will assess your situation, and then we can arrange a free initial consultation. Our office is located next to the Aviapolis train station, near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Let's discuss over a remote connection or arrange a meeting!

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