Housing and Construction Law

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Legal Assistance for Construction and Housing

In large, regulated investments, experience and sector expertise are crucial.

At Law Firm Honkanen & Piispanen Ltd, you can rely on us even in the toughest legal situations related to construction and housing. Our partnership is available for all the following areas where your company needs professional legal skills or when it concerns your personal matters.

Contract Agreements

Contract agreements are usually extensive and complex. It's no wonder that they often lead to ambiguities. Contract agreements also involve significant financial interests. Our office provides the legal expertise and broad technical understanding needed to resolve contract disputes.

We offer assistance for both new buildings and disputes related to older properties. Issues that may arise include responsibility questions and claims related to new construction, and responsibility questions regarding renovations and maintenance.

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Real Estate and Property Transactions

Real estate and property transactions are major investments that involve extensive regulation. In such transactions, experience and expertise are essential, and you can entrust us with the following legal matters related to real estate and property transactions:

  • Drafting of the sale agreement
  • Responsibility issues concerning brokers and other experts
  • Disputes in real estate transactions, property transactions, and construction disputes
  • Drafting of lease agreements.

Housing and Property Companies

The administration and decision-making in housing and property companies require deep understanding due to extensive mandatory regulation. Situations related to the distribution of responsibilities can also be unclear. To avoid unfortunate errors and disputes, we assist with legal matters related to the administration of housing and property companies.

If legal matters become pertinent in housing or construction, turn to us. We will assess your situation, after which we can arrange a free initial consultation. Our office is located next to the Aviapolis train station, near Helsinki-Vantaan Airport. We can meet with you in person or handle your case remotely.

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