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We Assist in Inheritance Law

Legal assistance is always advisable, even when there is no risk of dispute.

At Attorneys Honkanen & Piispanen Ltd, we believe that all legal matters, even everyday ones, should be approachable with a low threshold and absolute trust. That's why we also offer assistance in inheritance law matters. With us, you will find solutions that lead to mutual understanding and fulfill the required legal statutes.


With a will, you can ensure your wishes are honored, but using a professional for its drafting also ensures that the will is legally compliant. Our lawyers will help you consider other necessary aspects related to inheritance and taxation. We take on the planning and drafting of the will as well as handling disputes related to wills.

Estate Administration

An external estate administrator eases the management of the estate when the heirs have disagreements about how the estate should be handled. The duties of the estate administrator include managing the estate and its assets and preparing the estate for division among the heirs. An heir can request an external estate administrator through an application to the district court. Once appointed, the administrator is responsible for managing the estate. The estate administrator does not carry out the distribution of the inheritance; that is handled by the estate distributor.

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Estate Distributor

Ultimately, the estate distributor makes the decision on the division of inheritance if the heirs of the estate cannot find a mutual solution. The role of the estate distributor is to administer the inheritance distribution and, if necessary, the division of marital property if the estate cannot be amicably divided. The estate distributor also resolves any arising dispute issues.

All heirs of the estate have the right to request an estate distributor from the district court, and it can be the same person as the estate administrator. Decisions made by the estate distributor can be appealed to the district court, where the handling of the inheritance distribution continues in the court system.

Inventory of the Estate

Losing a loved one is difficult, and personal resources are often limited. However, practical arrangements need to be managed. It can be easier when you leave the inventory of the estate to our lawyers, who are professionally equipped to consider the tax, financial, and legal implications of different options.

The inventory of the estate must be arranged within three months of the death, and the inventory document must be submitted to the tax office within a month of conducting the inventory. Based on this, the tax authority makes a decision on inheritance tax. Only after the inventory can the inheritance distribution be made.

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