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We will serve you or your business professionally, reliably, agilely and cost-effectively. We will meet you wherever it suits you the best.

Legal solutions that are shown to work:

2 Experienced attorneys


800 trials

1500+ clients


2000+ cases accomplished

Services for companies


We will familiarize ourselves with your business and solve your legal issues in a reliable, cost-effective and agile manner that supports your business now and in the future.




We will familiarize ourselves with your business activities
and assist you in indentifying contractual needs for your business, as well as in negotiating and drafting of different contracts.

We will assess the needs of your business and create
workable and efficient solutions for your company related to e.g.
financing, ownership structure, company restructuring and liability for loss.

We assist your business in all matters, such as in shareholders’ and board meetings, liability issues, leasing of premises, renovation and additional construction, in different situations related to private liability and recovering possession, as well as in
amending the articles of association.

We are able to help you business in matters related to building contracts whether it is a dispute concerning a contract to be
concluded or a contract previously entered into.

We will investigate the grounds of the claim for compensation presented to your business, the persons responsible for the damage and the amount of damage, in addition we
assist your business in legal proceedings related to compensation for damage.

We help your business to prepare for matters related to safety at work and assist your business in pretrial investigations and trials concerning offences related to safety at work.

We assist your business in planning of customs clearance practices and procedures, and in disputes with the customs authorities.

By listening to you we understand the objectives of your business and the best options and solutions for you, that guide us when defending you interests. We are able to assist your business in any legal proceedings in all the above mentioned fields of law and in criminal matters.

For private persons

We will take the responsibility for solving your situation together with you.




We assist you in all different situations in life whether they are related to family, matrimonial property or inheritance issues.

We assist you in all matters connected to housing whether they concern agreements, responsibility or any kind of disputes.

Have you suffered any damage that has not been compensated to you? Are you required to compensate for the
damage that you should not be obliged to compensate in your own opinion? We are able to assist you.

We assist private persons in all kinds of legal proceedings whether they are related to e.g. property, family or inheritance issues or to criminal cases.


Antti Piispanen

Attorney, trained on the bench, CEO

Antti has specialized in legal matters related to companies, construction and housing. He has also broad experience in trials concerning
challenging legal proceedings related to claims for damages. Furthermore, Antti assists constantly private persons in inheritance law cases.

  • Corporate law
  • Contract law
  • Labour law
  • Law on housing associations
  • Constructions works contracts
  • Civil liability (tort) law
  • Litigation
  • Inheritance law

Matti Honkanen


Matt has specialized in contract and corporative law. In addition, he has a broad experience in trials related to economic offences and customs issues, and labour agreements. Furthermore, Matti has long experience in dealing with international affairs. He has lived many years abroad in Germany, Russia and recently in Spain. Matti serves foreign clients in many different languages.

  • Contract law
  • Corporate law
  • Litigation
  • Labour law
  • Finance offences and customs issues
  • International cases (in particular Russia and Spain)